1917A1 Semi Auto Right Side Plate - Rock Island Arsenal

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Semi automatic right side plate for the US Browning 1917A1. A FFL is required to purchase this item and may be restricted in your location.

CNC machined to the government drawing from blanchard ground 4140 plate, stress relieved, edges radiused, most holes drilled and short countersunk for 60 degree rivets (MSG / Burnt Capital). Denial islands machined on inside of the plate prevent installation of unmodified full auto internals.

Plate is engraved with replica Rock Island Arsenal markings, with regulatory compliance discretely engraved on the top edge of the plate. Original engraving samples were scrutinized to get the best possible match to original engravings, with placement done to match original examples. Original engravings are not placed "to the print", which we copied exactly.

Serial number can be hand stamped or engraved depending on preference. Inspector marks also available. Crossed Cannons not available at this time.

We reserve the right to deny any sale for any reason. We will not ship until your valid FFL is on file and verified. Requires an 01 or 07 FFL type.