Thompson M1 M1A1 Blank Fire Barrel - Includes Installation

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ATF approved 10.5" blank fire ribbed barrel is modeled after the WWII Thompson Sub-Machine gun barrel. A short barrel rifle (SBR) permit is NOT REQUIRED for installation. The ATF approval letter should remain with the Thompson Sub Machine gun. 45 ACP Small Machine Guns (SMG) Blanks are recommended for use.

PRICE INCLUDES INSTALLATION! Thompson Sub Machine Gun can be shipped directly to and from Ravenna Armory as we are an 07 FFL. Price does not include return shipping, but will be calculated and adjusted including shipping cost paid with this item.

Removal of 16 inch barrel and installation of blank fire barrel. Gun is test fired with 45ACP SMG blanks.

Manufacturer: Howell
Finish: Blue Steel
Compatible Gun Models: Thompson 1927/28 A1, M1, M1A1 (Note, smooth barrels are correct on "late" production 1928 thompsons and we can press and pin a compensator on one of these barrels to provide the correct appearance)

Includes: 10.5" blank fire ribbed barrel, restrictor screws, correct solid front sight pin, ATF blank fire barrel approval letter

We do not sell barrels or compensators alone - if you want to install it yourself, purchase from Atlantic Wall blanks or Howell Arms directly.